Born into a family of artists, curators, art dealers, professors and critics, Lyora Pissarro has been immersed in the art world from a very young age. She sold her first painting at 6 years old and has been a determined artist ever since. 

Lyora studied Social Anthropology at the University of Manchester, turning her attention to performing arts and the medium of the body as a tool for investigating issues of both art and life. Her studies focused on the anthropology of art above all, and her final thesis was an exploration of the dialectical relationship between anthropology and art, conducted through an investigation into the work of Marina Abramovic. Following Manchester, Lyora attended Rhode Island School of Design and Hunter College, obtaining her second undergraduate degree in Fine Art. 


Shown in galleries in London, New York, and throughout the world, her work has been hailed as unique and insightful. 

Ripe with the creative drive that has spanned generations of her family, Lyora Pissarro (b. 1991, London) first exhibited her work in 2014 at the Russel Collection and Fine Art Gallery (Texas) as part of an unprecedented exhibition entitled Five generations of Pissarro. Since then her work has been on show at the Christopher Clark Gallery (San Francisco), Stern Pissarro Gallery (London), Bertha and Karl Leubsdorf Art Gallery (New York City), Galerie d’Orsay (Boston) and a . Lyora is preparing a new body of work exploring ‘Mindscapes’ that will be shown for the first time in New York in 2020