The following are featured work series in upcoming shows or performance pieces. Enjoy!


Gold Series A

The Gold Series was inspired by Lelia Pissarro, my mother and her Taboo series. The subject matter is a criticism of photographic realism and the inflexible to show the intangible aspects of images.  

Explosive energy. oil painting on canvas..png

Imaginative Landscapes

These landscapes are abstract expressions of the world we live in. A place is more than the lines and colours one sees with their eyes, it is a call and emotion that allows you to belong, to feel alone or stand in wonderment of what you behold. 

Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 2.07.23 PM.png

The Good Listener Series

Inspired by observing the quiet that escapes me, I spent three months in a room in Tel Aviv listening to the sounds of inactivity. This series is my attempt to illustrate the abstract forces that were shaping my life during this period. 


Mirror Series

The Mirror series is an exciting series on vanity and life. This series was born of a rejection to zombie formalism, the mindless painting of subject matter. Instead, these pieces attempt to reach to the beautiful aspects of self and perception of self. My own belief is art should be an inspiration to life and beauty and want this reflected in the work I do.


Performance Pieces

I do not separate the emotion of a piece from the physical expression of the piece, in this sense I believe performance art is closer to the intended expression than set pieces. As the individual artist can be seen in an overt manner, that is not possible with a painting. The human body is the greatest tool we have, in society and art, and the utilization of the body as a paint brush embodies this.


Digital Work

Coming from a traditional painting background, I find the digital world liberating. The majority of these works were done on an IPad, the medium allows me to augment my other work in a digital environment creating form and function that would not other wise be possible. The beauty of pushing the edges of art with the tools many find destructive to creativity is essential to the soul of what I convey in many of these works.